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  Things We Never Did:  The Story of Sad Lovers and Giants -- by Garce Allard   On and off since the early 1980s this Watford, England band has traded in a ... more
| date: 17-03-2015 | author: |
The early 1980's UK Post-Punk scene was a fertile ground ripe with a diverse landscape of acts, many lost in the annals of time. Others, however, have been able to thrive in a cultdom that ... more
| date: 01-11-2013 | author: Copyright The Big Takeover |
This was a totally solid, post-Joy Division, atmospheric greater London (Watford) post-punk pop group with long, appealing riff-lines. Garce Allard's surprisingly understated, non-histrionic vocals sound like an old buddy confiding some funny observation he had ... more
| date: 01-10-2006 | author: Jack Rabid |
Sad Lovers and Giants  occupy a strange place in the musical firmament, loosely described as post punk and often mentioned in the same breath as  The Chameleons ,  Comsat Angels ,  Sound  etc, really they’ve ... more
| date: 18-12-2011 | author: Simon Heavisides |
Sad Lovers and Giants are a UK group that rose to prominence during the post punk era. In their first incarnation they put out two stellar records and then dissolved for a few years before ... more
| date: 25-02-2009 | author: Andrew Boe |
By the time this was released  Sad Lovers and Giants  had gone through a break up and then reformed with a radically changed line-up. The result was a very different outlook of the band to ... more
| date: 15-12-2011 | author: Charles Martel |
The new Sad Lovers & Giants CD, "Melting In The Fullness Of Time", has finally been released. Containing all new material this CD has been in the works for a long time, and almost didn't ... more
| date: 05-10-2002 | author: Red Sun Records |
SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS   If we had become more famous back in the day, it might actually take away from the feeling of discovery that people have now. A date that has ... more
| date: 02-01-2013 | author: Didier BECU |

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