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06-03-2014 01:23
name: David Wood
location: England
Good to see The Fonze make an appearance. Hope You're well.I actually mentioned The Fonze to my son just the other day when we were talking about lighting or something. He is a lighting God.
01-03-2014 21:40
name: Craig
location: UK
SLAG Mk1 was far superior -especially Simon "TG-F" Blanchard -than anything that followed. Anyone know what TG-F, Cliff and David Wood are doing???
19-02-2014 15:41
name: Allen Mayes
location: Alabama,U.S.A
I have only 4 favorite bands, S.L.A.G Is among the top two. I have covered many songs and built a great fan base here in the states supporting them. Maybe, One day I can meet them in person and enjoy a live session.
29-07-2013 21:04
name: Fonze
location: Southampton, Kingston, Assynt,UK
Just taking a trip down memory lane back to 1983 after having been reminded of the Pumproom by The Staves at Cambridge Folk Festival. I have some pictures somewhere from when I was the lighting technician. Next time I find them I'll scan them and post them. Don't hold your breath they could be any of five locations from Southampton to the far North of Scotland.
09-04-2013 18:14
name: Rainmachine
location: Shaletown,Netherlands
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