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09-02-2015 11:39
name: Krys
location: Australia
Hi, I love your music. I worked in London with Juliette for a couple of years in the mid 80s when she was also playing with SL&G. Have lived in Melbourne the last 20 years but still avidly follow the UK music scene. Does she no longer play with you?
26-11-2014 14:18
name: Fernando
location: Madrid,Spain
Congratulations! Thank you, thank you for your amazing show last Saturday in Valencia. It was fantastic to be there. Once again you were able to create a magic ambience around your music and your sound was excellent. It has to be wonderful to return to Valencia twenty-seven years later and to reap this great success. Nobody in Valencia has forgotten you. PD: Please, finish and record the new album (and tour it). New songs like Beauty Is Truth or Biblical Crows sound very good. And thank you for the new book. I've got one copy in the concert and I'm reading it now.
24-06-2014 18:09
name: Fernando
location: Madrid,Spain
I´m going to Valencia next November to see you live and I have been in Hospitalet in 2010. I enjoyed this gig a lot. You have a vast collection of emotional amazing songs and you are a truly fantastic live band. You have to be conscious how great you are. You deserve much more success and broadcasting. The whole world must be celebrating you are on tour again. When does the new album release? I´m sure you still have a lot of great things to show. Mk1 and 2 are both tremendous. I love early songs (Imagination, Cowboys, Sleep, Colourless Dream, On Another Day...) but second line up songs like White Russians, Best Film, Alaska or Seven Kinds Of Sin are as good the others. Like Melting too. La Dolce Vita album show the tremendous strength the Mk2 had live. However it would be nice to see you all together with Tristan. Take into account how much Spain fans love you (Madrid included)Can´t wait to see you over a stage again. Thank you for your wonderful music. Appreciation and respect
17-04-2014 15:48
name: Mark Worldwild
location: Vienna,Austria
Hope to see you guys for a first gig ever here in Vienna!
12-03-2014 14:15
name: Garce
location: Clocktower Lodge,Uk
Tristan GF still plays and occasionally we get together to write stuff. One of the more promising potential songs for the new album is co written with him. I'm still in regular contact with Dave Wood too although he no longer has anything to do with music himself. Many people agree with Craig about the first line up versus the second but equally there are many who feel strongly the other way. Personally I have favourite songs from both bands and can't choose between the two. Garceg4z


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