Total Sound

album cover for Total Sound
Release Date: 1986
Media Type: LP
Album Code : CHIME 00:22
Record Label: Midnight Music
Artist Name: Sad Lovers & Giants
Album Tracks:
  1. Echoplay 3:27
  2. Things We Never Did 4:08
  3. Sleep (Is for Everyone) 5:03
  4. Landslide 2:55
  5. Cowboys 4:45
  6. Man of Straw 6:18
  7. Imagination 5:57
About This Album:

This set was recorded live, as it was broadcast on the VPRO programme 'Spleen', on 15th May 1983, at the NOS Studios in Hilversum, Holland in a room 15 metres square designed for radio 'talk' shows and plays. The 'audience' comprised the presenter, programme staff and a few guests - about 10 people in all - sitting around tables at the opposite end of the room. Sad Lovers & Giants fell apart at the end of the year, but they have now reformed and new recordings will be available early in 1987.

Album Credits:

Bass – Cliff Silver
Drums – Nigel Pollard
Guitar – Tristan Garel-Funk
Keyboards – David Wood (2)
Photography By [Back Cover] – Phonze
Photography By [Front Cover] – P Gmee
Sleeve – Blue In The Afternoon
Vocals – Garce