The Mirror Test

album cover for The Mirror Test
Release Date: 1987
Media Type: LP,CD
Album Code : CHIME 00.30
Record Label: Midnight Music
Re-issue Date: 2010
Re-issue Code : CDMRED431
Re-issue label: Cherry Red
Artist Name: Sad Lovers & Giants
Album Tracks:
  1. Ours To Kill
  2. White Russians
  3. Take Seven
  4. Seven Kinds of Sin
  5. The Green Years
  6. A Map of My World
  7. The Outsider
  8. Cuckooland
  9. Return to Clocktower Lodge
  10. Wire Lawn
  11. House of Clouds
  12. Summer and Smoke
  13. Life Under Glass
Album Credits:

Garce Allard Composer, Vocals
Paul Bevoir Assistant Coordinator
Ian Butler Saxophone
Ian Gibson Bass, Composer
Matt Engineer
Tony McGuinness Additional Production, Composer, Cover Photo, Guitar, Liner Notes, Remastering, Remixing, Repair
Dominic McKenna Coordination
Nigel Pollard Composer, Drums, Percussion
Nick Ralph Producer
Sad Lovers and Giants Primary Artist
Juliet Sainsbury Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Alan Wilson Assistant Coordinator

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