In The Breeze

album cover for In The Breeze
Release Date: 1984
Media Type: LP
Album Code : CHIME 00.07
Record Label: Midnight Music
Artist Name: Sad Lovers & Giants
Album Tracks:
  1. 50:50 3:41
  2. The Change 3:32
  3. Interlude 1:01
  4. Landslide 2:55
  5. Echoplay 3:27
  6. Sex Without Gravity 3:48
  7. There Was No Time 2:55
  8. Clint 3:45
  9. Alice (Isn't Playing) 3:33
  10. 3 Lines 3:09
  11. Imagination 5:57
About This Album:

Despite the relative success of Sad Lovers and Giants' proper debut LP, 1983's Feeding the Flame, and the attendant lime-lighting which followed, the band themselves were in shambles and split at the end of the year. Fans wouldn't be left in the cold for long, though, and were revived with the compilation LP In the Breeze in 1984. Presenting previously unreleased songs culled from the band's own studio outtakes, plus a superb Peel Session recording from late 1981, In the Breeze is a stunningly atmospheric collection of goodies that find the band still slick and proficient but, due to the nature of the tracks, delightfully edgy as well. The set revisits some of the band's earliest material, "Echoplay," "Clint," and "Alice (Isn't Playing" included, and in so doing provides excellent sonic blueprints for the final LP versions. But where In the Breeze is more interesting is across the songs that never reached vinyl. Both "50:50" and "The Change," recorded in 1981 at Pet Sounds studio, were early live staples and, while "Imagination" first appeared on the band's debut EP, Cle, the song then disappeared until it was reworked for Feeding the Flame. Although it wasn't included on the finished LP, the outtake can be found here, along with the pop-edged, guitar-heavy "3 Lines," dating from the same sessions. This is an excellent, behind-the-scenes look at a band time has forgotten. Of vital importance to the die-hard fan, In the Breeze remains a wholly enjoyable post-punk experience for the layman -- thanks, in part, to the "electronic tweaking" of many of these songs prior to the release of the LP! But, no matter, there's precious little of this band to go around, and a little studio trickery is of no real consequence.

Album Credits:

Bass – Cliff Silver, Steve Carter (tracks: A1, A2)
Cover [Front Cover: 'le Cri'], Photography By [Back Cover] – Cliff Ash
Drums, Percussion – Nigel Pollard
Guitar – Tristan Garel-Funk
Keyboards, Saxophone – David Wood (2)
Mastered By [Vinyl Cut] – Jonz*
Producer – Roger Pusey (tracks: A6 to B3)
Vocals – Garce
Written-By – Sad Lovers And Giants

[Tracks A1 and A2]
Are demos recorded at Pet Sounds in early 1981.
Electronically 'tweaked' 1984. "50:50" was soon dropped from the set but "The Change" survived as an occasional encore.

[Track A3]
Recorded live at The Venue, September 1982. Electronically 'tweaked' 1984.
This instrumental dates back to the group's early days and was phased out by 1983.
[Tracks A4 and A5]
Are out-takes from the "Colourless Dream" sessions at Surrey Sound, Summer 1981.
"Landslide" had already been released on the group's first single EP, "Clé", and "Echoplay" was recorded for Epic Garden Music.
These versions were remixed at Alaska, summer 1984.
[Tracks A6 to B3]
Are from a Radio One John Peel Session, late 1981.
"Sex Without Gravity" was never performed anywhere else and "There Was No Time" was soon replaced by new matewrial.
"Clint" and "Alice (Isn't Playing)" were subsequently recorded for Epic Garden Music, although another version of "Clint" had already appeared on the The Thing From The Crypt compilation.
The producer for Radio One was Roger Pursey and these tracks are released by arrangement with BBC Enterprises Limited.
[Track B4]
Recorded live at the Brunel Rooms, Swindon, March, 1983. Electronically 'tweaked' 1984.
"3 Lines" later metamorphosed into "Dividing Lines", an unfinished out-take of "Feeding The Flame".
[Track B5]
Out-take from "Feeding The Flame". Recorded at Spaceward, summer 1983.
"Imagination" originally appeared as the A-side of Clé, but the group wished to record a better version.