Feeding The Flame

album cover for Feeding The Flame
Release Date: 1983
Media Type: LP,CD
Album Code : CHIME 00.03
Record Label: Midnight Music
Re-issue Date: 2009
Re-issue Code : CDMRED412
Re-issue label: Cherry Red
Artist Name: Sad Lovers & Giants
Album Tracks:
  1. Imagination 5:57
  2. Cowboys 4:45
  3. 3 Lines 3:09
  4. Big Tracks Little Tracks 3:30
  5. On Another Day 4:58
  6. Sleep (Is for Everyone) 5:03
  7. Vendetta 4:35
  8. Man of Straw 6:18
  9. Close to the Sea 6:05
  10. Strange Orchard 6:09
  11. Burning Beaches 4:09
  12. Your Skin and Mine 5:23
  13. In Flux 5:08
About This Album:

Watford, England's Sad Lovers & Giants made few headlines but some strong LPs, arguably the best of which, and certainly the most somber, is this collection. Its deftly played and arresting post-punk songs are built around Tristan Garel-Funk and David Woods' subtle evocations of mood. Singer Garce Allard's voice is at once brittle-sounding but self-assured. Both factors complement the sophisticated musical structures of songs such as "Imagination" and "Sleep (Is for Everyone)." They should be one of their generation's more celebrated discoveries, but sat out time on a label much less fashionable than, say, Factory. The intricacy of Garel-Funk's guitar on "Big Tracks Little Tracks" certainly puts them on a par with the Durutti Column. "Your Skin and Mine" has an innate grandeur that, keeping indulgence at arm's length, conveys a sense of pain and isolation that echoes Joy Division. It's an album that argues for a reappraisal of one of the '80s' best-kept secrets. 

Album Credits:

Joe Bull - Engineer
Steve Burgess - Producer
Tristan Garel-Funk - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Andre Jenni - Cover Photo
Dominic McKenna - Reissue Coordination
Nigel Pollard - Drums, Percussion
Nick Ralph - Producer
Cliff Silver - Bass, Keyboards
David Wood - Keyboards, Percussion, Saxophone