Things We Never Did (The Big Takeover)

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Article Date: 17-03-2015
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Things We Never Did:  The Story of Sad Lovers and Giants -- by Garce Allard


On and off since the early 1980s this Watford, England band has traded in a kind of atmospheric, post-punky poeticism – an early reviewer likened them to a “pastoral Pink Floyd,” which pretty much nailed it.  Their 1982 long-playing debut, Epic Garden Music, sports one of the great album covers: a crumbling manor house, overgrown by moss and ivy, simultaneously radiant and doomy.  In other hands, it would’ve been pretentious, but the band’s music lived up to the record’s portentous wrapping and, critically, they never seemed liked they were trying too hard.  That’s kind of what this very nicely put together book, by Garce, the band’s singer (born Simon Allard), is like.  Lots of photos of the band looking off, forlornly, into the middle distance while Garce tells the band’s story, with humor and a modest, let’s not-get-ahead-of-ourselves pragmatism that seems in keeping with this low-key but persevering band’s world view.  ( – Terry Banks



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