Sad Lovers And Giants, E-Mail From Eternity review

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Article Date: 01-10-2006
Article Text: This was a totally solid, post-Joy Division, atmospheric greater London (Watford) post-punk pop group with long, appealing riff-lines. Garce Allard's surprisingly understated, non-histrionic vocals sound like an old buddy confiding some funny observation he had recently. The 1982 effects-laden guitar is something that was rife in those days in the great bands they might well be filed with, such as the Sound, Chameleons, Easterhouse, Lucy Show, the Chills, Comsat Angels, early Simple Minds and 17 Seconds/Faith-era Cure. This welcome 1999 best-of retrospective catches all their best highlights, especially the early stuff before the departure of key guitarist Tristan Garel-Funk took a big bite out of their sound.
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