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Article Date: 05-10-2002
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The new Sad Lovers & Giants CD, "Melting In The Fullness Of Time", has finally been released. Containing all new material this CD has been in the works for a long time, and almost didn't make it; at the last moment the computer containing all the music files was stolen. (Fortunately a copy of the final mixes had been saved) Sad Lovers & Giants have a sound which is unique and timeless. As their name hints, their music attempts to evoke grand, melancholy, romantic images of a pastoral, fairy-tale England.

From the epic and ghostly "Learn" to the melancholic dynamism of "Submarine Girl" to the naive and haunting "Red Sky" Sad Lovers & Giants tread much of the same ground as their earlier material but the embellishments are more ambitious with the closing "Black Crow" emphasizing the band's quest to express the mythical qualities of pop music. These conceits do not always succeed but you can't fault the band from trying to raise pop art to new heights. A flawed diamond, if you will, but the attempt is enthralling. This album is a fascinating effort that gets better with each play and again argues for a reappraisal of one of the '80s' best-kept secrets.

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