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By the time this was released  Sad Lovers and Giants  had gone through a break up and then reformed with a radically changed line-up. The result was a very different outlook of the band to ... more
| date: 15-12-2011 | author: Charles Martel |
One of the great things about the digital age of music is that you can travel back in time and listen to material which you may have heard in the dim and distant past (or ... more
| date: 13-12-2012 | author: Charles Martel |
It is refreshing to see that Cherry Red have re-released this album, for so long out of print and virtually unobtainable. As is often the case with reissues, the album has been expanded to include ... more
| date: 03-05-2011 | author: Charles Martel |
Sad Lovers and Giants  occupy a strange place in the musical firmament, loosely described as post punk and often mentioned in the same breath as  The Chameleons ,  Comsat Angels ,  Sound  etc, really they’ve ... more
| date: 18-12-2011 | author: Simon Heavisides |
This was a totally solid, post-Joy Division, atmospheric greater London (Watford) post-punk pop group with long, appealing riff-lines. Garce Allard's surprisingly understated, non-histrionic vocals sound like an old buddy confiding some funny observation he had ... more
| date: 01-10-2006 | author: Jack Rabid |
The new Sad Lovers & Giants CD, "Melting In The Fullness Of Time", has finally been released. Containing all new material this CD has been in the works for a long time, and almost didn't ... more
| date: 05-10-2002 | author: Red Sun Records |
2009 expanded reissue of this classic '80s release. Not available on CD since 1988 and this reissue includes 4 bonus tracks that were not on the original vinyl. The CD also contains memorabilia and sleeve ... more
| date: 05-10-2009 | author: Red Sun Records |
'Feeding the flame' est un chef-d'oeuvre mais ce n'est pourtant probablement pas la première pensée qui vous traversera l'esprit après la première écoute. C'est normal, ce disque, ce groupe ne sont pas si aisés à ... more
| date: 17-12-2012 | author: Guts of Darkness |

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