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The early 1980's UK Post-Punk scene was a fertile ground ripe with a diverse landscape of acts, many lost in the annals of time. Others, however, have been able to thrive in a cultdom that ... more
| date: 01-11-2013 | author: Copyright The Big Takeover |
El primer grupo en aparecer en escena fueron  The Essence . Los “The Cure” holandeses subieron al escenario y ofrecieron un directo simple y efectivo. Dejaron caer temas como:  “Out Of Grace”, “Only For You”, ... more
| date: 18-09-2000 | author: Mixside |
If anyone were interested in the missing link between the more delicate guitar patterns of The Chameleons and the keyboard-assisted post-punk of The Comsat Angels then it's highly likely that Sad Lovers And Giants would ... more
| date: 19-02-2007 | author: Leonards Lair |
Sad Lovers and Giants are a UK group that rose to prominence during the post punk era. In their first incarnation they put out two stellar records and then dissolved for a few years before ... more
| date: 25-02-2009 | author: Andrew Boe |
A fascination with the contemplative beauty of Sad Lovers & Giants’ early 80s recordings has fuelled prices for their first two elusive singles on Last Movement, Imagination and Colourless Dream. The Watford band have been ... more
| date: 06-04-2009 | author: John Reed |
Sad Lovers & Giants explored similar territory to China Crisis, just without their attendant commercial success. Forming in 1981, by the time they recorded this second LP in 1983, the band were in their pomp, ... more
| date: 05-10-2009 | author: Ian Shirley |
SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS   If we had become more famous back in the day, it might actually take away from the feeling of discovery that people have now. A date that has ... more
| date: 02-01-2013 | author: Didier BECU |
"Sad Lovers And What? The Giant Who? What's that? Oh yeah it's that one Joy Division song. What? It's not? It's a band? I've never heard of them..."  That is how every conversation regarding Sad ... more
| date: 24-08-2012 | author: Justin Woodmancy |

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